I am a citizen of the District of Columbia, our Nation's Capital, where a housing wage is $28.25/hour (presumably for a 1-bedroom with one person working 40 hours/week). At that rate I am a resident of the Community for Creative Non Violence Homeless Shelter which houses up to 1300 vagrants.  In my town over the past decade we've changed Mayor's 4 times and each has had a different plan that will end homelessness, while the number escalates exponentially.  As the Federal and State governments across America have invested heavily into programs that house homeless with extreme conditions to qualify, I applaud this effort and wait on a line where I take 20 steps backward daily due to more people with extreme conditions jumping the line daily.  I choose my battles wisely and fighting the system and 20 people each day is down right ignorant so I choose to simply Get EVEN!


I start this campaign by simply collecting the facts.  Service providers throughout America who work with employing the homeless I call out to you.  Share your data, your strategies, your solutions, your struggles.  Let's get Employable Vagrants Employed Now  is a transparent and collaborative effort to solve the problem of getting individuals like myself who are employable (with minimum barriers to employment) employed.  There's a concentrated effort on doing this for Veterans and it's being reported as successful.  Maybe that's due to funding, well just maybe if we come together and share where we are with the problem, greater attention (funding) may be allocated  specifically towards getting Employable Vagrants Employed Now .


My ASK  is that a qualified representative of your organization participate in the Market Study by clicking the link at the top right.  This will lead to a secure area requiring access.  If you were not invited by me to participate you will see instructions on attaining access.


Thank you for your works and participation in the study and Let's Get Employable Vagrants Employed Now !