THE OBSOLETES A Dramedy Webseries

The plague afflicting human beings of the 21st century is obsolescence...

It doesn't disseminates!


The divide in wealth is at it's all time widest.

As robot has replaced man in the workforce, the aged, disabled, under educated, unemployed are disenfranchised and displaced into a dystopian society awaiting their disappearance as they've been deemed obsolete.


Today homelessness is big business so we utilize a familiar population for you to start with our introduction of human obsolescence.  Recognizing that it may be complicated to envision oneself as being or becoming obsolete, we introduce you to obsolescence with those whom your inner prejudice has deemed obsolete - the homeless.  'The Obsoletes' are the neglected group of people who cause us to avert our eyes as we pass.  The people who secretly cause us to wonder about how they got there, but never dare to ask.  The people that we see begging for help, but we are too busy to stop.  So for the sake of familiarity let’s just say that today ‘The Obsoletes’ are the homeless, tomorrow they may include you:


But as we are in development of both a highly dramatic and comical version for network television we take it easy on you in our webseries.

We start our story revolving around the lives of our dynamic derelict duo executed by formally and present homeless citizens residing in Washington, DC.  'The Obsoletes' spoofs matters of homeless housing, employment, mental stability, prescription & chemical challenges.  Done as a dramedy for you to laugh if you like, cry if you like, and let's get serious about the many things that factor into human obsolescence.