THE OBSOLETES A Dramedy Webseries

An investment in a film is an open window waiting for you to throw your money out of it.  ‘The Obsoletes’ presents this exclusive opportunity to donate (not invest) in ‘The Obsoletes’ and:



Through Fractured Atlas


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 As a Model-C Fiscal Sponsor (also sometimes called a fiscal agent), Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization eligible to receive your tax-deductible contributions.  Fractured Atlas agrees to accept, and be responsible for, charitable gifts on behalf of The Obsoletes.  Through Fractured Atlas (the fiscal sponsor), The Obsoletes can take advantage of many of the benefits of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The main benefit is that donors to The Obsoletes may take their donations as an income tax deduction.



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FRACTURED ATLAS ( was founded in 1998 by current Executive Director Adam Forest Huttler.  Fractured Atlas has launched a broad range of programs and services, collectively reaching over 250,000 artists and organizations. As the only service organization to serve the needs of arts groups as well as individual artists in all disciplines, Fractured Atlas is a unique and vital resource. We value the role that the arts play in shaping our world, and we are constantly seeking new ways to facilitate their advancement.  In Model C, the project does not become a program belonging to the sponsor. Instead, the sponsor chooses to further its exempt purposes indirectly, by giving financial support to another entity or person for a specific project that the sponsor has reason to believe will advance the sponsor’s charitable goals. This is a classic grant relationship.  Unlike an independent contractor relationship, the sponsor is not seeking ownership of the results of the work, but simply an assurance that the project will use the grant funds in a reasonable effort to accomplish the ends described in the grant proposal.  For additional information or to Donate NOW go to